Thursday, September 12, 2013

God Lottery

I would like to make a proposal to all the people in the world who believe in one god or another. Pray for me to receive the disease of anyone else who also believes in some god. Pray with all your might that this atheist should become afflicted with the cancer or other wasting illness of some god worshpping souls. Pray for it. And then pray again for it some more.

I would find no greater pleasure than for your friend, sister, brother, mother, child, father or other loved one to live in my place and I to die in theirs. And it would make me extremely happy to discover that the power of prayer could truly affect such a wonderous change. And that there really is a god out there listening.

I want your dad to survive his cancer. I do. I'd rather it be me that dies. I want your god to be real. Reason in an unreasonable universe of chaos is certainly welcome. I want your daughter to live. I'll gladly die in her place. If only your god were listening he'd know this. he'd kill me instead and let your child live. 

Go on. Pray for it. Really. I do hope it works.

And could someone explain to me. Cause I'm just not clear on this. What's so bad about dying if you get to go to heaven. Shouldn't it be like winning the lottery? only better.

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