Monday, January 28, 2013

Pious Moments of Scorn

what if i'm wrong and god is real? but that couldn't be. nothing is all we are. nothing is everywhere. everything.

and how could god ever be nothing?

what if the world began with a whimper. and the big bang is now. what once was soft and gentle and quiet became harsh and ugly and loud.

we all find our heavens. here, there and in so many different ways. what happens afterward is hardly of consequence.

i dream about paradise every time i close my eyes. what doesn't exist when i'm awake haunts me when i'm unconscious. it's not real, but it's close enough. there are no gods. just moments. a cascade of wonderful moments that never cease.

there is taste and lips and fever. there and fingers and tits and touch. no shame. no want. just being. no rules. just the certainty. that the moments will keep coming.

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