Saturday, January 19, 2013

Arrogant Pendulums

sugar and wit. like dough and candles. stilted fires burn with insolence. piglets and porcupines ferret out the places. where it was. long ropes stiff with useless knots. tepid skin eager for colors. the small houses. the open back doors. beckon. like grim invitations. to be destroyed.

the clouds stutter. dense with an urgent world. the sky pauses. to greet gravity. assure it that things still fall. are falling. always will be.

the ledge dances. to invisible music. the mountain chokes on climbers. the world manifests in whispers. the impotent rage of the powerless.

little dolls discarding their panties in favor of freedom. soft plastic fists frozen in their weak graps of happiness.

Bits of flesh like swaying pendulums. Spoiling in the dense topography of lost.

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