Monday, November 19, 2012

Throwing Pennies

God never warned her he had poor listening skills. That he talks too much and is more selfish than forgiving. God never admitted he's so similar to man. Or maybe he did. And we were too arrogant to see the flaws in that plan.

maybe wings. feathers in the inferno. maybe feet. the asphalt like echoes. valleys between the rock. weep and fester. lingering infections in the creases of her charms. the seduction of science. sticky notes and mountains. debating which is near. the easy arithmetic of circumstance. predators with their candy cane crutches. desperate to know if the world is ready to end.

her parable. her confessions. in toadstools and yardsticks. little worlds expanding. like broken locks. paused for the flesh. mocked by the dead. the end knows her. soiled napkins and dense feasts. gnaw on the bones. name the wounds after dictators and aristocrats.

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