Sunday, September 30, 2012

Electric Axioms

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she listens to god. the hum of the rain. the swell of the wind. impotent epiphanies. digging tunnels in her skin. hollowing out a shell for something tender and brutal.

she listens to him. curious about what he hears. the scrape of the pencil as it cuts words into the paper. the hum of flesh as it erupts dying.

no sound. only waiting. a dim flame beneath the coals.

she listens. the stutter of time as it struggles to speak. drowning in the words. the roar of surrender. the stab of acceptance. lingering loudly. a pantomime of thieves. counting out loud. counting the lies that got us into this empty paradise.

the tender meat. focused on the knives. the hard center. obsessed with the teeth. consumption. watching gods dream. bound to the bright colors. swept up in the darkness.

she listens. knowing they don't hear. or see. urgent with the sensation of change. driven to want. hollow bones feigning wings. corrupted by the sensation of sight.

she sees god. scabs on the veins of time. she sings. knowing he is deaf. she dances. knowing he is blind.

1 comment:

  1. Great piece. I don't know whether to class it as a poem, flash fiction or prose poem. Interesting. I especially like the last line :)