Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The End of the World Again

A lot of people wonder when the world will end. Some think never. Others assume that date is not very far off. I know exactly when this so called catastrophe will occur.

The world will end very precisely and without much ado on the morning of August 17, 2012 when a rather large meteorite breeches Earth's atmosphere and proceeds on its course ultimately making impact with the whole of North America around 4:12 AM eastern daylight time.

The United States will be immediately obliterated. As will Mexico and all of Central and South America. The island paradises of the Atlantic and Pacific will all sink under deep elevated oceans. Goodbye Hawaii. Sionara Indonesia. The Asian island nations will be zapped as well.

Parts of Russia may or may not survive. It's still unclear. Europe will be devastated. The tiny nation of Liechtenstein will suffer the least damage and therefore rise to great power in the aftermath of the tragedy. People will migrate to inhabit Greenland and even Antarctica. Scientists will create a new form of large scale heating to make the frozen wasteland inhabitable for humanity. Most animals will go extinct. A few cats, dogs and ducks will be saved.

Whomever remains will be ruled by a singular leader. The unstoppable and killable presence that is Mr Dick Cheney. He's quiet now. But just you wait. Evil never dies. It just waits patiently for the heavens to betray us.