Monday, May 23, 2011


people are an epidemic. a mutagenic virus destroying everything in its path.

people have two choices. become herbivores or have less people.

I'm in favor of less people. there are far too many of us. you can start with eliminating me. I don't mind.

but that fact is we are a pathogen. a virulent disease that has infected the globe. there are too many of us. and we continue to spread. at an alarming rate. devouring everything in our path.

history waits lifetimes for moments like this. hundred year or more moments when fate is decided. adapt or become extinct.

good luck to the meek machines that will inherit the earth from us.

humanity is the disease. everything else just symptoms of the plague.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Effects and Causes

he listens. seldom speaks. a broken toy. a rusted zipper. at the back her dress. a closure she can't quite reach.

it's not close. it's not distant. rather somewhere inbetween. time in graveyards. the minutes in eulogies. the dead can lie and say they've heard him. but the living know he's deaf.

she trains her faith on tomorrow. crooked smiles work the levers. blind eyes draw the maps. as she weighs. the empty baskets she still carries.

the perpetuity of god lies in the morality of men.