Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lost and Found

we lost. the same as everyone does. even though we were supposed to be different. we dug our claws into the ghosts. and wept when they didn't hold. tempting the devil as he tempted us. with only morsels left of the souls we'd always assumed were ours.

they get lost. it's dark so long and i forget. how to see. we lose. we lie. and tell ourselves we've won. ignoring the angels. as they shout at us. we are gods. this flesh our heaven. if only theory.

this touch our war. even though the battle was only a moment. i know that we've lost. Let the demons decide who we are. Crossed the bridges fallen behind us. told our lies and convinced ourselves of their truth.

sipped that last drink. spent that last dollar. dug the grave. for liars, lovers and friends.

they're all the same.