Sunday, May 10, 2009

God Complexes

God came to her in a din of voices. One amongst millions. She still heard him. Try on those bullets. Wear your monsters. No one knows you better.

The vacant numbers. The broken clock. The moist pillow. As she pretends to sleep on it. The soft dolls. With arms made of clay. Still holding on/ As heaven begins to forget.

Eager angels. And their heavy wings.

God comes to her. Often. and without remorse. She watches him. As he paces in his nightgown. She wonders. How close he is. To knowing us.

He dips his arrows in poison. He tests his bow for trueness. He hunts just as any animal does. Sniffing out the weakest.

She runs. But he runs faster. She stops. He doesn't wait.

She sees him. He doesn't see her.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

God is an Astronaut

God on all fours. Satan stumbles softly now. With black wings on the thirsty wind. Moments. Maybe less. Scorn the appetites of certain deities. Little Jesus in his creaking crib. Cries the flesh of man. Foul blanket smothers the soul.

God with three legs. Limps. Collar loose. Leash singing. Tied to a post. So far from the house. Where life happens. People forget. How close the apple is.

Stray gods. On the backporch. Sniff the meat. Of discarded women. Mothers. Whores. Children. Swimming in each other's nightgowns. Between the sheets of this broken nirvana.

No priests. No baptisms. No gifts. For fallen angels. Black with betrayal.

God is an astronaut in a broken spaceship. Searching for life anywhere he can find it.

* God was an astronaut is originally from the Tabitha's Seret song "Jesus Was An Alien".