Saturday, January 10, 2009

God Jesus Satan 1.0

I hear God. I see Jesus. Satan I feel.

Last night God said stop looking. You've already found it. Then Satan choked. The room got loud. As loud as nothing. I could see the dead. The saved. The lost. All in a great mosaic of souls. Trembling with various pleasures and torments. Pieces being broken. To create the whole. Reassemble heaven. With sharp edges and vast gaps between the truth.

When I hear God it's quiet and it is loud. Lonely men weeping in the distance. Dying children on my doorstep.

When I see Jesus I am both blind and omniscient. I see everything and nothing. An earthquake in my brain. The colors and shapes devouring my thoughts to make space for the truth.

When I feel Satan I am lonely and euphoric. Naked infant on a hospital floor. Being stepped over by a steady stream of visitors. Resolved to remember what I've heard and what I've seen. God talks. It falls upon us to listen. Jesus comes often. Our only burden is to open our eyes.

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