Monday, January 12, 2009

God and Bourbon

The lamb of God has big teeth. Just like the wolf did when the little girl came looking for her grandmother. The lion next to him is quiet. Empty picnic baskets are proof enough that the child has been saved.

I found God in my linen closet. He said I had too many sheets. Everything worth finding hides in obvious places. Stop looking. You will see.

Salvation travels in big knots up a long rope. Where the friction takes you closer by removing the skin. God leaned down from his throne and warned me. All kings are liars. Especially me.

You humans. You're just cardboard. Cut from the flesh of monkeys. I'm a deity, not an artist he reasoned.

You're all ugly. Weak. And arrogant. I'd start over. Obliterate the whole experiment. But I'm a scientist more than anything. It's dreadful, but I can't stop until all the rats have realized there is no cheese.

I'll drink to that.

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